Edwina aspires to empower families through education and service.
“I want to save the world, one child at a time.”

  • Date of birth
    June 21st
  • Languages
    English, Esan (Edo)
  • Hobbies
    Singing, Painting, Drawing, Arts and Craft

Edwina Omoyemwen Onofua is a proud Nigerian who was born in the United States; she identifies as a first generation Nigerian-American and is a product of culturally diverse town that has proudly molded her into the woman she is today. However, growing up in a traditional Nigerian household in the heart of Nashville presented many adversities, such as being bullied while in school. However, Ms. Onofua learned at an early age to embrace the uniqueness of her culture and the importance of cultural consciousness, perspectives that helped her in the years to come.

Edwina graduated from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) with a degree in Elementary Education. During her time in college, Edwina participated in many extracurricular activities, including MTSU’s Lambda Theta Alpha Miss International Pageant, MTSU’s Kappa Alpha Psi Miss Crimson and Cream Pageant, MTSU’s Scholar’s Academy, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. After graduation,  Edwina’s passion for service continued to grow and manifest in her own community. In 2015, Edwina became a volunteer adult educator with the Nashville International Center for Empowerment, teaching refugees and immigrants English proficiency skills while addressing a wide variety of needs, including reading, writing, speaking, and life skills. She continued advocating for immigrants and refugees by volunteering with the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, the Nashville Public Library’s Immigrant Advisory Council, and Nashville Adult Literacy Council.


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